Friends at NYU,

Below are links to some chapters in my forthcoming book, Blood Oil

These are uncorrected page proofs of the book, and the press is understandably nervous about letting such copyrighted material circulate. So you will forgive me for saying that by downloading these chapters you are agreeing that they will be for your eyes only--that you won't copy, circulate or use these materials in any way except for the purposes of our class together. Thanks for being understanding about this!

I hope that these chapters will be useful to you for your own reflections on oil, energy and climate. I'm very much looking forward to discussing these ideas with you when we meet on September 29th. 

Best wishes, Leif


Need to Know Basis

Preview of the Book

Clean Trade Policy I (especially the section 'Green Trade')



If you are not a member of Dale Jamieson’s Environmental Law Seminar, you are not authorized to read, cite, copy, distribute or use in any way the material in the files above. But you are very welcome to read the book when it is published!